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Chocoholics Body Mousse

This is a truly yummy blend for the quintessential chocoholic! 

 You'll need:

450mL purified water

8g Unigerm II

25ml macadamia oil

25ml sweet almond oil

25gm emulsifying wax

3ml chocolate fragrance

2-5 drops chocolate brown liquid colour (depends how chocolately you want it to look!)

  1. Place water in a saucepan and heat slowly until it reaches 70 degrees C.
  2. Place oils and emulsifying wax in a separate saucepan and mix until this mixture also reaches 70 degrees C.
  3. Take both mixtures off heat. Pour the water into the oil.  Stir until the mixture cools to 35 degrees C and then add the Unigerm II.
  4. Keep stirring and it will start thickening. 
  5. Let mixture cool completely and then add chocolate fragrance and colour and blend.
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