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Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) - 99%
spacer Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) - 99%
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 Price: AUD$4.50
Isopropyl alcohol which is also sometimes called rubbing alcohol is useful for a number of purposes.
It can be sprayed onto your melt and pour soap to act as a type of "glue" that will help hold your layers and embeds together.

A spritz will also get rid of bubbles that can form on the exposed part of your soap when you have poured it into the mould.
In Cold Process soap, it may also reduce soda ash on the surface of your soap.
Isopropyl alcohol is a cost effective ingredient in hand sanitiser.
It is a great germ killer and cleaner so can be used for spraying on surfaces, door knobs, mirrors, glass, windows and metal surfaces.

Volume: 100ml (AUD$4.50)
250mL (AUD$6.50)
500ml (AUD$9.00)
1 litre (AUD$14.00)
5 litres (AUD$48.99)