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Natural Dog Soap

Neem oil is frequently used in dog soaps as it acts as a flea repellant.  We have added , lavender oil, eucalyptus oil and citronella oil so your pooch is left feeling good all over.  This batch makes 500gm of soap.  We have a fabulous dog paw mould and also a bone mould which is ideal to use.

250gm palm oil

50gm coconut oil

100gm neem oil

120gm purified water

53gm caustic soda

2mL eucalyptus oil

2mL lavender oil

2mL citronella oil


1. Ensure you are wearing safety goggles and gloves, pour water into a bowl and add the caustic soda.  Always add the caustic to the water, never the other way around or you may experience a volcanic eruption. Mix and set aside. (it is best to mix outside to avoid inhalation of fumes).

2. Melt coconut oil and palm oil on low heat.  Add neem oil. 

3. Once the oils and the caustic mix are both 40 degrees celsius, pour the lye (caustic) solution into the oils and blend with a spoon. With your stick blender, zap it for 20-30 seconds, then give it a mix with your spoon.  Do the same again, until mixture has come to trace (this is a nice creamy consistency similar to custard). 

4. Finally, add your essential oils, give it a quick mix with the stick blender and then pour into mould. 

5. Wrap your mould so it is covered entirely with a towel or blanket and leave aside for 24 hours. 

6. Unmould and leave soap to cure for 4 weeks.



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