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Sweet Strawberry lip balm



This recipe makes approximately 30  X 10g jars of lip balm

60gm Leatherwood beeswax

100gm Olive oil (pure)

100gm Coconut oil

50gm Cocoa butter

20gm Vitamin E

6ml flavour

3ml red (oil soluble) colour

1. Heat the cocoa butter and oils in a pot on low heat, gradually increasing until it reaches 75 degrees celsius.

2. In a second pot, melt the beeswax to 75 degrees celcius.

3. Pour the oil mixture into the beeswax while both are at 75 degrees celcius and combine.

4. Let mixture cool to 40 degrees C then add the vitamin E, colour and flavour.

5. Use a funnel/beaker to pour into lip balm pots.  Let set and cool and then place lids on pots.

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