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Ultramarine Violet
spacer Ultramarine Violet
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 Price: AUD$4.95

True violet shade, so rich and stunning in soaps that we use it whenever we can.  Try a small amount in cold process soap for a pretty lavender hue or create a deeper shade of purple by adding more. Alternatively, add this powder to a purple or blue mica for different shades or even blend with ultramarine blue or pink to achieve different tones.

Cold process soap: Suitable. We find it best to blend with oil so the granules dissolve before adding to soap.

Melt and pour soap: Not suitable. Our water based liquid colours are for melt and pour.

Also suitable for cosmetics including eye make-up but not suitable for lip balm, liquids or lotions.

This colour will not bleed.

Weight: 25gm (AUD$4.95)
100gm (AUD$12.00)
500gm (AUD$40.00)
1kg (AUD$75.00)