Lemongrass and Poppyseed Cold Process Soap

Lemongrass and Poppyseed Cold Process Soap

Lemongrass would have to be one of the most divine essential oils ever.  We love it and always find an excuse to pop it in our products.  This soap contains wonderful, skin nourishing ingredients. 


600gms Olive Oil Pomace

200 gms Castor Oil

50gm Shea butter

50gm Cocoa butter

270gm Purified Water

114gm Caustic Soda

30gm poppyseed

30ml Lemongrass essential oil

20gm Australian yellow clay

  1. Firstly, pop your gloves and eye protection on. You should also use a suitable mask to prevent inhalation of fumes. It is best if you can mix the lye outside rather than inside.  Pour the water into the bowl and then add the Sodium Hydroxide (ALWAYS add the Caustic to the water and NEVER the water to the Caustic in case it causes a little eruption).
  2. The mixture will be very HOT.  Stir until dissolved and keep away from your face so as to avoid fumes.  Allow mixture to cool (the fumes will have disappeared when it cools)
  3. Now, back into the kitchen where you can mix the base oils (but not the essential oil) until they reach about 35 deg C.
  4. When the caustic water is approximately the same temperature (just dip a thermometer in each mixture), pour the lye water into the pot of oils.
  5. Now, get mixing! You are aiming for a nice creamy consistency, a bit like custard, (but not thick and lumpy).  When the soap gets to this point, it is called trace.
  6. Keep stirring and add your poppyseed and clay.  It is best to sift the clay for a nice, even spread.
  7. As the soap begins to cool, add your essential oil. 
  8. Pour the soap into a clean, empty, milk carton or log mould and leave for a few days.
  9. Your soap will be firmish, but still have softness. Tear the cardboard from soap and cut into pieces.

Leave your soap to cure for at least a month.  The aim is for the soap to “dry”. The longer the better as the harder your bar is, the longer it will last.

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