Emulsifying wax - BTMS-25

BTMS-25 emulsifying wax can be used to make creams and lotions and also hair conditioner.  Comprising Behentrimonium Methosulfate and Cetearyl Alcohol this wax is derived from the  plant oil Colza (Canola), and a fatty alcohol (Cetearyl Alcohol).  This product behaves in a similar fashion to Emulsifying Wax NF - i.e it can be used to make an oil in water emulsion. 


If you are making a hair conditioner, it's super simple. Just add the BTMS-25 to water and voila, you have an instant, every day hair conditioner. But you can add other ingredients to it if you wish - essential or fragrant oil and perhaps some emollient rich oil like apricot or organic argan. 

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